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The Journey

Why would two 40-something women spend a whole lot of their time, and ALL of their money, traveling around the United States to interview seniors? Wouldn’t it be more fun to go dancing? Well, we did go dancing, and we met Bob Card, an 83 year old saxophone player playing in a band at the Griswold Inn in Essex, Ct. We also met lobstermen in Maine, talkative Italian men in the North End of Boston, World War II vets in New Orleans, a farmer in Kansas, active retirees living it up in sunny Florida, a tap dancer in California, an avid hiker in New York, and an apple pie maker in our home town…just to name a few.

Along the journey we ate beignets in the French Quarter, sat on a rock at Niagara Falls, danced under the fireworks on a boat in the Boston Harbor, devoured BBQ in Kansas City and North Carolina, and ate the most delicious home-made garlic dip we’ve ever tasted in California.

We heard captivating stories about becoming a Tuskegee airman, being a black nurse in a KKK neighborhood, marching in Selma, Alabama, and landing at Omaha Beach. We met artists, politicians, activists, educators, spiritualists, cafeteria workers, homemakers, secretaries, actors, Las Vegas showgirls, business men and women, and the homeless.

We started this journey hoping to hear some cool stories that can help us create a reverence for this elder generation. We thought that if the younger generations spend a little time getting to know the oldest generation, they may actually enjoy the time and learn something from them. In return, maybe the younger generations will become more inclined to take better care of the generation before them. What we didn’t realize was how much wisdom our elder generation has to share.  And, how this wisdom can improve our own lives. We listened, and we have begun to apply it to our own lives.

Whiskey & Apple Pie marks the beginning of our journey. We will continue with films on the fascinating experiences of this generation that are rarely found in history books – real life experiences and acts of heroism of every day folks that have influenced our whole society.   

We encourage everyone to talk to your grandparent, neighbor or elder in your life to find out for yourself what wit and wisdom they have to offer. And if you realize a positive effect on your life, we also encourage you to log onto, a health and aging resource dedicated to helping you take better care of our elders and ourselves.

Know of an interesting elder who has a story to tell? Whiskey & Apple Pie is the first of a series of ICareVillage films dedicated to preserving history and creating a reverence for elders.

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