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Connie Morella

Connie Morella was born in Somerville, Massachusetts on February 12, 1931. She represented Maryland’s 8th congressional district in the United States House of Representative from 1987 – 2003, and earned a reputation as one of the strongest voices for women’s rights in the Republican Party.

Connie Morella began her career as a secondary school teacher in Maryland public schools from 1957-1961, and then continued her teaching career as an English professor at the American University and the  Montgomery College in Maryland.

After her sister died of cancer, Connie and her husband adopted her six children to join their own three.

She changed her career to politics when she became the first women to hold Maryland’s 8th congressional district seat in 1987. She was a bipartisan-minded moderate, and opposed her party’s positions on abortion, gun control, gay rights and environmental movement.

She was appointed as the U.S. Ambassador to the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development from 2003-2007. Connie Morella has received numerous awards and recognition including induction to the Maryland Women’s Hall of Fame and the Hubert H. Humphrey Civil Rights Award “for selfless and devoted service in the cause of equality.”

In 2012, Connie Morella became President of the Former Members of Congress. She is focused on instilling confidence in women and educating and mentoring women to encourage them to run for office, pursue high governmental appointments and strive for positions as members on influential Boards.

ICareVillage interviewed Connie in her home in April 2010.