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The Beginning of ICareVillage

​By Jamie Spooner

When I found out my father was failing quickly due to heart disease it was a jarring “Aha” moment that sent me on a completely new life path and spiritual journey.  

I had been in corporate America for many years.  I was a Lead Design Program Manager at Microsoft Corporation in Seattle and then I founded Planeteria—a technology and marketing firm serving a national client base.  It all seemed right at the time—and then one day it did not.  I felt an inner pull to do something else.  During the time that I realized my father was near his last days, I also realized that there was a need for an internet resource to help people like me.  A resource for family members and friends who were facing illness or loss of a loved one. I was an expert in helping businesses with marketing and while this fulfilled my intellect (and I loved the work) it did not completely fulfill my soul.  And so in January 2009 I started a new business called ICareVillage.  The goal of ICareVillage is to help the millions of boomers in America help an aging population of seniors.

ICareVillage, Inc. is a socially responsible corporation dedicated to helping adults take better care of their elders and themselves. ICareVillage’s website is a premium internet resource for health, aging and eldercare information with videos and articles from the medical community, experts and caregivers.

Whiskey & Apple Pie is the first full length feature film produced by ICareVillage to create a reverence for our elder generation. As we take better care of our elders, we learn to take better care of ourselves.

Whiskey & Apple Pie was (and is still) a journey for the filmmakers as much as we hope it is a journey for you.